Quilter's Ranch is happy to be able to offer quilting services.  For more details please contact the store.

Only Edge to Edge hand guided quilting will be completed currently. This means one pattern is sewn from one edge of the quilt over to the other edge of the quilt. The quilt will not be removed from the frame to allow for any special border or sashing treatments.

Sheets will not be accepted as backing.
Quilting Fees:
Edge to Edge hand guided pantograph quilting starts at 2.0 cents per square inch, for example an 80x80 quilt would cost 128.00 for just the quilting fees, if using a basic pantograph that is not too dense. See below for all other charges.
~ Minimum order is 50.00.
~ Bring in your top pressed, if QR presses your top there will be an extra charge. This charge will be discussed before quilting begins
~ If seams need repairing, the customer will be notified prior to quilting commencing. QR does not repair seams.
~ Excess batting removed and batting squared (if batting supplied by customer) $10.00
~ Squaring up backing and removing excess $10.00
~ Quilt will not be trimmed when returned to customer