Are your Quilt Tops Stacking Up?
This is your opportunity to get all your projects completed, by you!
The Qseries machines will help you get your quilting projects completed.  The machines are very easy to operate, and the interface probably looks and feels similar to your domestic machine.  With the dual regulators, your quilting will look great. You will feel like an expert quilter in no time.

Rental choices are:
Sit-down version Q20 -- no certification class needed for this machine but an appointment is needed.
****Frame version Q24 -- certification class needed prior to rental. (Please note the Q24 Frame version is temporarily unavailable)

The following information pertains to rental of the Q24 frame version:
4-hour certification class needed to rent the frame version.  Class fee $100.
See the class schedule for available QSeries Certification class times.  During the class
you will learn how to operate the machine, load a quilt on the frame, and you will practice free motion quilting and how to use and advance an edge-to-edge pantograph.  After you complete this class you are eligible to rent the machine.  Using the Q24, try doing some quilting with a pantograph to get started and then branch out into something more custom.  Time slots are available Tuesday thru Friday in slots of 2 hours each.

Qseries Rental -- What Is Included In The Rental Fee?
• Staff for assistance with machine problems
• Bernina metal bobbins (property of the store) or prewound M class bobbins if available
• A clean oiled and ready for rental machine
• Use of cutting table to square up batting and backing, and to trim your quilt when you are finished
• 1 new needle
• Machine will be threaded and ready to start
• If using a pantograph it will be on the table (if renting the Q24)
Time slots are available Tuesday thru Friday in slots of 2 hours each.

How much time will I need to quilt my quilt:
Light Quilting ~~ Medium Quilting
Lap 2-3 ~~ 3-4
Twin 2-3 ~~ 3-5
Double 2-4 ~~ 4-6
Queen 4-5 ~~ 5-7

Renter Responsibilities  -- Prepare your quilt before you arrive in order to ensure that you spend most of your time quilting.  If you follow these guidelines you will be more successful:
• Mark the top of your quilt and backing with a safety pin right in the center.
• Pre-trim your backing so that it is square.
• Your batting and backing must be 4-6 inches wider than your top on each side, trim all excess.
• Please arrive 15 minutes early for check-in so you can use your full quilting time.
• Have the outside edge of your top edge stitched to keep the seams from opening up.
• Remove all extra threads.
• Your top should be pressed and it should lie flat.

What Happens When I arrive?
This is what you should expect when you arrive:
• Proceed to the front desk for check-in
• You will be requested to sign some forms
• Then proceed to the longarm area, where one of the staff will help you get started.  You are responsible for loading your own quilt.
• Staff present are there to make sure the frame is loaded correctly.
• Baste the batting to the backing.
• Load your top ensuring that it is straight.
• If you will be using a pantograph it will be properly lined up for you to get started.
• Then you can begin to have some fun quilting!
• Staff will be available for any jams, or tension problems, and to change bobbins and thread your machine.
• Please ask us for help if needed!